Our Mule
Auburn, WA to Quilcene, WA
10 x 20 Cabin
Double 10 x 12s
Dolly Wheels
14 x 14
Amazing Trailer
Our Mule
Works like a Champ
10' x 27' Bleachers
10' x 27' Bleachers
8' x 24' Tall
Up the Hill and Side to Side
Sideways Wheels Down
Sideways Wheels Up
Our Mule
Full Length Roller Chain Pull
Perfect Spot
Full Length Roller Chain Pull

Northwest Shed Movers

Need a shed, small garage, cabin or gazebo moved? Give us a call at 360-698-1633.

Moving a Shed

Moving a shed can be a difficult and dangerous job. With our custom built, one of a kind shed moving trailer and our shed "mule", we can move your building across town, across the state or just across the yard.

What We Need to Move Your Shed:

  • Wood floors with correct skid placement:
    • The structure has to be strong enough to be moved, jacked and/or winched. Some poorly built sheds can't handle a move without us adding floor and wall bracing to key areas.
  • Correct measurements:
    • How wide at widest points
    • How tall ground to peak
    • How long

Give at call at 360-698-1633 and we can give an idea of cost.

  • Local (Kitsap County) in yard move minimum - $350.00
  • Local (Kitsap County) trailer move minimum - $500.00
  • Out of area move can add approximately $200.00 to the minimum.

Remember, all moves are different. Escort, pilot cars may be required on some roads and highways with larger sheds. We are full licensed, bonded, insured and with over 22 years experience. Call us to take care of your move. We can do the job right.

Call 360-698-1633

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